Cherno Alpha team

Cherno Alpha team

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Sasha is the woman. Aleksis is the guy.


Welp, when even the writer isn’t 100% sure…

As far as I know, in ending titles Aleksis is a woman and Sasha is a man, and it makes perfect sense since there’s no such male name as “Aleksis” in…

Nicely spotted! Yep, “Sasha” and “Aleksis” are both forms of “Alexander.” Look, they screw with people. It’s a bit of an inside joke of theirs. It’s a thing they do.

And Aleksis could be English version of Alik (Алик), and Alik is short from both Alexander and Aleksey (also Anatoliy, Albert, etc.).

Привет, я Саша, а это мой муж Алик. И мы оба Александры. Или Алексеи. Вам решать! =D

Саша и Алексей Кайдановские.

Pacific Rim. Cherno Alpha team.

Саша и Алексей Кайдановские.

Pacific Rim, Cherno Alpha team.

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